How to get a high-quality backlink “EMD Strategy”

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How to get a high-quality backlink “EMD Strategy”

Get strong backlinks link building strategies:-

Today we will start the second part of the series of lessons for building a link. If you do not see the first part of the series, you can view it from this topic “ Getting a Pak Link ” As we mentioned that the next Bucklinx to your site gives importance to search ngines and raising your results. Several factors must be available for This link is next to you
What are external links?

4- Similar domains in your “ending” domain

This is a strategy to build a backlink by acquiring a backlink to your site with high quality, as it will all be in your hand to re-establish an outdated old site and that the manager of this domain is no longer interested in renewing it on the Internet.

We will follow these steps in this strategy

* Find your domain

The EMD domain must be any Exact Match Domain, the domain that will be reserved holds the keywords in it. For example, if the domain of my site is the SEO, I will search for domains with Keyword inside SEO like seo-marketing-egypt .net This is called the EMD

One of the best sites for finding domcop domains is the Dom Cup feature that gives us the advantage of searching by standard filter for Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Age MOZ Rank, MOZ Trust

We will tour together to learn about this site and how to search for a good domain

We will log on to

You can register for free domcop .. we follow the explanation

1 – We press Expired to get the domains that already ended, but the tab for Expiring are domains that are about to expire.

2 – We click on Search and this is until we can type the Keyword and put our filter in the standards of DA, PA and so forth as I mentioned earlier above. Here is a picture showing the settings I used as an example

3 – The standards obtained by the domain from the Domain Age, TF, CF, DA, PA, as shown in the first picture, there are high reputation ranges in DA 63, PA 69.

4 – The statistic and a comprehensive look at the scale as an example of this range as an example of the letter g when standing on it with the mouse reminds us of the number of pages that are presently in the index for the Google search engine and the MM is the arrangement of the site in the Majestic site

GOV: That is, it has a Bucklink from a site with a .gov domain, which is government websites, and this Pak Link is very powerful

Edu: This domain has a Paklink website with a .edu domain and it is educational institutions such as schools or the Ministry of Education for example and it is very strong as well as the gov extension

The image next to it, which is loaded as a link, is all Backlink for this entire domain

The next 3 digits are the domain informing you of the site domains in which you work

The image of the camera, it gives you pictures of several pages of the site in order to know what it was like as a Screenshot

The image of the box, it gives you the content collected from this site as a backup copy of and you can use it when you want to build the missing content previously.

5- Companies that can do Backorder or Register. Re-order or register for this domain and how long this domain has expired.

* Check the scope before purchasing

We should know that these domains were working one day, and that the old domain owner was using a non-likable method for search engines such as building a backlink in a way that violates using the Blackhat “Spam” methods. Here comes the role of the tools that we examine this domain and we will use a scan tool Backlinks or For me, I prefer Ahrefs because it’s a bit good

We will check the backlink for the domain that we mentioned earlier in the explanation. You can use the scan tools from here “ SEO Tools ”

As shown, a huge amount of PakLink referring to this site 309,000 from 2,700 sites

It also has 1 Social Signal from Facebook Sharepoint

Here we see the illustrated Pak-Link forms 308.563 as a “Text” link.

718 Backlink from Tire “The link is included in the back of the image”

304K out of a total of 309K Dofollow Links

3,900 of the total Pak Link Nofollow

The government websites from which LinkBack has acquired 10 links .gov

57.096 Backlink from .edu educational websites

We will go to check the domain if it works or not

It has two Redirect conversion links

From Inbound Links we choose Anchor Text

We will now see some of the site’s linkback .. Note: We are in the process of checking the link link, we choose the links that he targets with anchor text so that we know if he is targeting his project in a way or he does annoying ways to catch the words he targets with anchor text

This is an example of a backlink. We access the link to the left, which indicates that there is a link to his site with the right Anchor text.

Here it is clear to us that the domain uses annoying comments to gain links, and this is not useful, not to mention the acquired standards such as DA, PA … etc. This is gained from the edu and Gov domains because it is of great value, but the methods of using it are circumventing the search engines and this is not liked in the SEO methods

We carry out the same method for the available scales with the highest standards with a minimum of 20 DA, PA, TF, CF and the age of the range is more than 3 years.

We do not say if this domain is not using illegal methods and was booked by one of the domain reservation companies like Godaddy or or any other company which means the site belongs to us.

What are the next steps?

* Rebuilding the site

You have two ways to rebuild the site again

1 – Use old content and take advantage of the backlink, which indicates the internal pages of the site

2 – Write exclusive content as you want to deal with it as your site and be interested in it and not just a domain to earn just a link

The first way is to use the old content of the site

We will use “Internet Archive”

We enter the archive site and write the domain link as shown in the image

We click on Browse History to give us the results of the archived pages within an archive site

This is the number of times the content has been renewed on the site from 2011 to 2013 .. We will click on any of them, for example, April 17, 2011

The site will appear before us and all its pages can be browsed to retrieve the existing content if it contains articles or not.

You can retrieve the content as mentioned, or build new content that talks about the same field and cite your site in some pieces of content.

Leave your comment if you encounter any point of explanation

God willing, it will also follow modern methods to build a strong backlink for your site.

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