How to choose the keywords for your site?

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How to choose the right keywords for your page or site?

How do I choose the keywords for my site or thematic pages, and do the words that we write write have any size of the competition over them and how much monthly search volume is there on them … which we will explain today in a way to choose the Keyword Target

If you missed the lesson who missed estimates of links eagerness de Htaraf has the A SEO SEO is important for your site or your company and may grow up A possible size of your sales.

Why do you care about Seo?

SEO definition:-

In many companies and websites owners, they compete for search words in search engines such as (cars, real estate, mobile phones, tourism) … it is possible that the words have a rate of millions of searches per month .. but what are the millions of users that you need and you will not benefit from them other than a little Very .. Of course, you say how do you use millions of users and a few percent? Best ah, because the targeting here is overly broad. If you are the owner of a real estate company in Cairo and Giza only, and you have a website on which you can offer your real estate services in Cairo and Giza and compete for the word real estate. Do you think the user who is looking for does he mean a drug in the Giza or Cairo? You will not find them with a small percentage of the total who search for the word real estate and need the service in the two governorates. Certain distribution countries will differentiate in people interested in Alexandria real estate, Suez real estate, Port Said real estate, Morsi Matrouh real estate ..

Ok, target how right?

First, we say that the keywords, such as real estate, real estate, or cars, will have a very difficult competition, and want time and work .. However, the percentage of your arrival to the target user is very small.

As for if you targeted the words of Giza real estate – real estate in the pyramid – real estate Dokki – Imbaba real estate … words the percentage of competition over it may be average, we will know it when we reach the point of analyzing the words .. the target word competition is less this is a need in your favor and facilitate you to fill, the percentage of your arrival to users Interested in your service rate increased very much and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlong words or what is called Long Tail Keywords

Its advantages:-

Competition is lower than keywords
The percentage of your targeting to users interested in your services or product is greater

Words analysis Keyword Analysis

We will use an indispensable seo tool and you will remain obligatedicon smile How to choose the keywords for your site

Keyword Planner: A tool specific to Google Adwords, the benefit of which is that you have approximate figures for the search rates in Google search engine and the competition percentage for them, except that you have ideas for long words + price costs for advertising them in the Adwords service ..

Enter the Keyword Planner with your Gmail email address and log in with the tool

We will write the key word that we know. We know the rates of research and ideas for long words, like the one in the picture.

I am a real estate writer as an example

In the targeting section, choose the country you want to know the search rates and word ideas for

Language: Arabic or according to the language of the words that you will occupy

Word filters: Choose the percentage of competition It is preferable to choose a medium and low competition rate

And you click on Get ideas ..

It will show us this as a result of the settings that we made

Average monthly searches: times users search by de words

Competition: The size of the competition in targeting words. Of course, we chose medium and weak, and it appeared to us before us, as we chose

Stay very careful in selecting the Keywords who Htaml omitted Target Taolsh Alkjordz amounts are repeated Ahan Mtenslh under penalty of filler words unfriendly methods of Blackhat SEO and Biequb by Google Update of Panda Update , .

You have any questions about the possibility of adding a comment in the post or if you would like to ask about a need for SEO to contact us on the right, send your inquiry or question and we will respond to you.

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